Strategic Input:

Triviation starts by gaining a clear understanding of the key objectives of your organization. Weeks before the presentation of your Triviation program, an in-depth strategic input session via telephone will establish the key points to address. After careful research and analysis, Gene Jones will develop a unique and exciting program to achieve your objectives.

The Triviation Experience:

Using a modified game show format, Gene Jones initially leads participants through a series of questions designed to activate breakthrough thinking toward your company goals. Triviation then serves as a ‘breakthrough gymnasium’, stretching the limits of every participants’ mental abilities by introducing asymmetrical thinking; a non-linear thought process serving as the foundation for breakthroughs in your organization. Once participants are energized by asymmetrical thinking, their attention can be directed towards important business goals.

The Nine Pillars of Creativity:

This innovative program presents and analyzes the nine most essential character traits and skills that lead to productive solutions for the diverse problems and challenges we all encounter during our lifetimes. Mastering and combining these creativity pillars greatly increases each participant’s ability to turn dreams into realities and live a more creative and fulfilling life. The principles of The Nine Pillars of Creativity are applicable to every phase of life…including interpersonal relationships, business ventures, education, health issues, science, sports performance, negotiations & conflict resolution, event planning, food preparation, creative writing, theatre, film, works of art, and all varieties of problem-solving.

The Art of the Question:

Art of the Question sessions teach the process of creating effective goal-oriented questions while also providing criteria to eliminate unproductive questions. This session demonstrates the power of questions to illuminate discovery and refinement of ideas, focusing on the company agenda as revealed in the strategic input session. Questions are used to create insightful conversations that lead to the uninhibited exchange of ideas and most importantly – breakthroughs. Before the Art of the Question concludes, your group will have identified and worked through the core questions to drive your organization’s agenda ahead at an accelerated pace. This is the birthplace of breakthrough thinking!

Brainstorming Session

Brainstorming sessions are where new ideas and answers grow to fruition. Brainstorming sessions can be used to develop implementation strategies as well as idea generation. This is where your roadmap to success is designed. With the room full of minds now working at their highest potential, everyone’s heightened mental capacities are directed towards your organization’s specific objectives.  To optimally capitalize on your team’s newly activated breakthrough thinking, we recommend that brainstorming sessions immediately follow the Art of the Question session. Brainstorming and ideation sessions can be directed by Gene Jones or a leader from your organization. This session can include creativity boosting techniques as well as insights into refining, combining and moving ideas into the Action Phase. As participants leverage asymmetric thinking towards corporate objectives, the results are always extraordinary.

Memory Training Session

In this age of unlimited information, good memory skills are essential for keeping your organization ahead of the curve. Due to the prevalence of multi-tasking in today’s business world, good memory skills can be indispensable during negotiations, meetings, and collaborative work. During Memory Training sessions, participants learn valuable memory improvement techniques, as Gene Jones’ unique memory enhancing methods reveal basic techniques that have enabled him to absorb and recall the incredible amount of information he must command to present Triviation training programs. Your team will learn to better understand the basic principles of encoding, storing, and recalling information. Just as importantly, participants will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of ‘memory blockers’ that inhibit the effective use of memory skills. This valuable training teaches your team how to maximize the power of human memory as they work to grow your company. It will also enrich their everyday lives.

Art of Presentation: An Essential Breakthrough Skill

Presentation skills are essential in business and can be a valuable component of the breakthrough process, yet many organizations fail to adequately train their key personnel to break through the mental barriers that inhibit optimal presentations and communications in the workplace, in negotiations, and in important presentations. During this customized workshop, Gene Jones shares his wealth of experience from over 25 years as a game show host and public speaker, empowering participants to achieve maximum impact with all their future presentations. Participants will learn the fundamental elements of a successful presentation and receive insightful advice on how to overcome the challenges of public speaking. This session demonstrates the value of specific performance skills in numerous business applications. The Art of Presentation can be scheduled for any length of time varying from 90 minutes to an in-depth three-day program. Extended programs study every dimension of presentation skills including content development and delivery. These sessions fully prepare those wishing to master the art of communicating successfully in any business situation.