Explaining Triviation®

May 1, 2014 by Gene Jones

I am constantly asked:  “What is Triviation?”

                                   “What kind of questions do you ask in a Triviation session?

These are both reasonable questions, and Triviation is all about the questions.

The basic tenet of Triviation is that it is necessary to ask the right questions to get the right answers. To shorten that explanation down to a defining motto:

Better questions lead to better solutions.

Triviation’s modified game show format uses carefully sculpted questions to focus attention on desired goals, and then combines quick changing subject categories with improvised hints to induce asymmetric brain function. This process opens participants’ brains to new patterns, thereby creating an entry point for breakthrough thinking. Combining this state of mind with desired intentions and goals sets participants to work with an expanded mindset rich with expanded possibilities.

Each Triviation session is followed by an interactive Art of the Question session, which trains participants in the art of asking superior questions to achieve superior results. The questions utilized are different in every session, since they are based upon the specific needs and goals of each group.

There are many ways to conduct a journey, and usually many ways to get where you want to go. For instance, to travel from New York to Los Angeles, you could walk – ride a bicycle – hire a stage coach – drive a car – or take a train.

In this analogy, Triviation is a supersonic jet.

In today’s world, the options and capabilities are immense and there is always a way to get where you want to go. The question therefore becomes,

How do you want to get there?

In business, the question refines itself further to

How does our business get there faster and arrive in better condition?

When it comes to teams reaching a state of breakthrough thinking, the answer is Triviation. Triviation simultaneously changes the dimensionality of participants’ thought processes while focusing them on targeted company issues. This is done in a seamless and playful format that also facilitates better communication between team members.

So the answers to the original questions in this article are:

Triviation is a corporate training program utilizing trivia in a highly specialized protocol known as transformational play.

In Triviation, strategically targeted questions are used to accelerate many important mental processes. The cumulative effect of diverse questions and hints creates new brain patterns in participants’ minds, which leads them to breakthrough thinking.

  • Triviation bypasses the box of linear thinking
  • By activating asymmetrical thinking, Triviation acts as a catalyst for epiphanies
  • Triviation drives teams to significant breakthroughs that can be monetized by your  company

Triviation’s process can be crafted to achieve specific corporate goals. For companies wishing to achieve superior results faster and better, Triviation is a training program with unlimited potential.