Gene Jones’ Game Show format is an exciting approach to creativity and learning that has many benefits. By injecting a mind-expanding hint process and targeted information into a flexible game show presentation, this modality can heighten awareness, energize and facilitate social interaction. In addition to these positive effects, participants often surprise themselves, as new aspects of their thought processes are awakened.

Robert W. Siroka: Ph.D., Director of the Sociometric Institute

I highly recommend Gene Jones’ Triviation program. Participants at our center have found his engaging and innovative use of trivia to be stimulating, effective at improving a sense of community/team dynamics and also thoroughly entertaining. Gene customized his program to our specific needs, was thoroughly professional, and a pleasure to do business with. We would happily utilize Triviation again in the future.

Christopher Tate, Board Member, The Annex

The Art of the Presentation is a sensational seminar. For anyone who wants to become a fabulous public speaker in any field of endeavor, The Art of Presentation is the course to take! The exceptional presentation skills I learned in Gene’s seminar have revolutionized my ability to speak in public and thereby inspire and educate others. The amount of useful customized information presented along with Gene’s insightful wisdom opened up new avenues of productive creative thinking for me. I now use all that I have learned from your profound instruction, not just when I am delivering speeches but every day in the lecture hall, in meetings and the many small group seminars I conduct at the University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. James Orsini, Director of the Laminitis Institute/University of Pennsylvania New Bolton Center

The Triviation method created an extremely effective training experience for our group. Triviation’s playful game show format served as a brilliant teaching tool that was quite invigorating and inspired our whole group to learn more. I was unsure of what to expect when the 25 people at my workshop were told we would be participating in a trivia game show with Triviation founder Gene Jones. The setting was a training workshop with Sanskrit scholar Thomas Ashley-Farrand at the Kripalu Institute in Stockbridge, Massachussetts. Many of us were advanced students in this eclectic field of knowledge involving the ancient traditions of Sanskrit mantra. Gene Jones’ warmth and humor was complemented by his impressive command of an extensive range of detailed facts, names, and techniques central to the focus of our studies. Gene’s engaging style drew everyone into the process and we quickly found ourselves competing to provide answers to the fast-paced array of questions and hints he presented. I was pleasantly surprised to realize that the Triviation training program definitely led us to a deeper understanding and affinity for the complex subject we were working on. It energized and galvanized our whole group in a profoundly entertaining learning adventure.

Bill Barry, Shelburne, Massachusetts

Gene did an excellent job of researching our company and incorporating Avon specific trivia into the event. The participants had a great time. Gene’s energy level was exceptionally high and he was very entertaining to have as a host. He is extremely good with data and the audience was impressed with his command of relevant facts.

Kathleen Donnatin/Analyst, Talent Management & Training, Avon Products, Inc.