What makes Gene Jones’ Triviation so unique?

The key aspect of Triviation’s methodology is its ability to achieve serious results by utilizing a playful training method known as transformational play. Once activated, this process inspires and nurtures expansive thought by seamlessly fusing the use of targeted information with participants logic systems to create new mental connections. These new connections create a foundation for breakthrough thinking, better idea generation, and more effective implementation. Triviation thereby converts a favorite American pastime enjoyed by millions into a powerful tool yielding transformative benefits to businesses.

How Can Triviation benefit your Company?

Triviation can be seamlessly directed toward any corporate goal. Every Triviation program is customized to the needs of each client. Triviation often serves as the replacement for PowerPoint by providing PowerPoint’s information base in a more attention-grabbing manner. Triviation’s ability to awaken dormant brain activity instantly energizes participants and directs their attention to key company goals. Triviation ensures that all participants are engaged with their minds fully alert, allowing them to absorb and process information more effectively. This significant increase in alertness and motivation facilitates major breakthroughs in any subsequently presented task, such as how to outperform your competition!

Can you be more specific about the benefits of Triviation?

  • Stimulates expansive brain activity and breakthrough thinking
  • Inspires creativity and idea generation
  • Reinforces knowledge and clarifies concepts
  • Exceptional brainstorming tool fueling innovation and increasing problem-solving abilities
  • Fosters conversation and communication
  • Facilitates team building by galvanizing participants to achieve specific targeted goals
  • Easily applied to marketing, sales, product development, human resources, and many other aspects of business activity.

What effect does Triviation have on participants?

By playfully merging theatrics, information and corporate strategy, Triviation breaks routine thought patterns and paves the way for superior productivity. Triviation’s mind-expanding adventure connects disparate information into new and compelling patterns, which can lead to innovative products and services, creative problem-solving and a wide range of competitive advantages that drive organizations ahead of the curve….and keep them there.

How does Triviation work?

Triviation seamlessly creates a non-threatening social environment. This playful suspension of judgment quickly unshackles an adventurous spirit in all participants to embrace a series of strategic questions that lead to targeted corporate goals. Cleverly designed hints simultaneously expand the flexibility of participants’ minds, and empower them to think more creatively and expansively. During the Triviation Experience, participants spontaneously respond to the well calculated, but seemingly random challenges of the process by engaging untapped dimensions of their minds into new thought patterns to arrive at new connections. Based on this foundation, the Art of the Question session leads directly to breakthrough thinking.

What is asymmetrical thinking and what are its benefits?

Triviation’s spontaneous triggering of multiple areas of the brain is what we call ‘asymmetric thinking.’ It forms new connections in the mind, connections that have never previously been explored, in order to view existing data more expansively. By “connecting the dots” between multiple areas of the brain, participants realize a ‘cross-pollination effect’ . Once the brain is activated to function in these asymmetric patterns, new fields of thought are accessed and utilized. This vibrant state of mind is augmented by the presence of colleagues who are also now thinking more expansively. At the height of this experience, Triviation then focuses participants’ attention on the desired corporate agenda to achieve maximum impact.