About Gene Jones

Gene Jones has dedicated his career to the sophistication of the trivia game show as a theatrical entertainment genre, performing his uniquely styled production in front of live audiences nationwide for more than 40 years.

Gene’s long and multi-faceted career in the entertainment industry also includes extensive business experience as an arts administrator, producer and director, as he simultaneously created and served as C.E.O. of his own theatrical production company for more than 30 years while continuously performing his game show. In the process of hosting more than 2500 live game show performances, Gene constantly observed a change in the mental state of his audiences. This led Gene to make a scientific study of his unique game show process to formulate a remarkably effective method for corporate training and educational advancement.

Gene’s success in game show entertainment evolved from his association with The Guinness Book of World Records, where he served as Associate Editor and official World Record Judge from 1983-1990, often appearing on television programs such as ABC’s 20/20, Nightline, BBC’s Record Breakers, and The Spectacular World of Guinness Records With Robert Frost. Recently, Gene scripted and performed a special segment about Presidential History on the Martha Stewart Show, and has been a repeated guest on Hallmark’s nationally syndicated The Better Show. His Triviation program has also been featured in leading business oriented magazines such as Sales and Marketing Management and ConventionSouth.

Gene now focuses his vast experience on the corporate world, where he helps businesses and organizations achieve breakthrough thinking with his remarkable Triviation program. He is also the author of the groundbreaking book Younger and Wiser: Peaceful Words for a Troubled World (Dreamquest Publishing, 2020).

By feeding key information into this eclectic format, Triviation transforms a popular game activity into a superbly powerful method of triggering corporate growth.