What is Triviation?

Gene Jones' Triviation is a powerful corporate training program designed to activate
breakthrough thinking
. Using a proprietary blend of targeted information presented in the
form of a trivia game show, Triviation stimulates
breakthrough thinking that is then applied to
accelerate the progress of any corporate agenda.

The Triviation training program leads
organizations to superior results
in any
endeavor. Access the limitless pool of
ideas, the untapped human resources
of your own company, with this unique
of transformational play
achieves serious business objectives.

What made it possible for Steve Jobs to envision and design
Apple's revolutionary blend of technology that led to the creation
of an array of life-changing computer & communication products?

How did Elon Musk evolve from his background in physics to
start PayPal, Tesla Motors, SolarCity, and SpaceX?

How did Richard Branson leap from
his humble beginnings in the music
industry to start his own airline, his
own Caribbean island resort, and
now — a space travel company?

These entrepreneurs activated special mental
processes to fuel their incredible success.

They realized early in their careers that to make
quantum leaps and to achieve different results, they
first needed to think differently.

It is an inspired process...

A breakthrough thinking program developed by nationally acclaimed game show host Gene Jones, Triviation is an effective method for maximizing corporate growth that can be applied to any business challenge such as team-building, ideation, problem solving, and sales.

It is also a valuable tool for schools, colleges and universities.

Triviation stimulates asymmetric thinking to unlock inner brilliance within the mind through a process known as transformational play. This unique methodology is presented in a strategic game show format comprised of carefully crafted and targeted information. Each question is designed to improve cognition, increase fluid intelligence and provide a mental cross-training effect.

The result is that individuals and groups think faster and smarter, becoming more creative and productive than ever before.

Start solving your business challenges today with this extraordinary program!